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Fresh Ideas

Bringing the 'fresh' lifestyle into your home and kitchen is all a matter of making connections between wine, food, and people. The farmers' market is a great place to start. I'm always inspired by my local market, where I walk meet farmers selling the season's most colorful produce - bright orange carrots, ruby red raspberries, chard in many colors. The market offers a chance to learn the story behind the food. You can find out who the farmer is, how the food was grown, and why a particular artichoke or avocado is special. Later, when I serve the meal, I share these stories.

Photo: Alan Bartl
The farmers' market is only one of many places to discover the 'fresh' lifestyle. Remember, it's all about creating connections, and that begins with the people right there in your kitchen and around your dining table. At home, there is always room for one more. I pay as much attention to the ambiance as to the food and wine. The lights are dimmed and the soft light of candles are added. The table is set with cloth napkins, which saves paper, and gives dinner a warmer feel. My kids and good friends have a personal napkin ring, which serves as a little reminder that we all have a place here. These simple details make the experience of dining fun, comfortable, and connected. Learn more in Tips from the Table.